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Welcome to the /KKG/ Wiki

/KoiKatsu General/ is a reccuring thread on 4chan.org's Hentai messageboard. This site is meant to be a long term archive of Koikatsu General's user-made content. You can help by adding cards, scenes, and info that have been posted to Koikatsu General.

If your content is related to a theme, please post about it in the Themes section.

The wiki is currently under construction

An Updates page has been added for info on new features.

It hasn't been officially launched yet and there's still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Here's the current to-do list.

  • Site Rules and Guidelines for Content
  • Formatting for Character Pages
  • Gallery Installation
  • Graphics and UI

Supported formats for Media Files


Video: WEBM MP4

Audio: MP3 OGG WAV

Archives: 7Z RAR ZIP

In anticipation of excessively sized cards the maximum file size for uploads is currently 120 MB.